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Plasticine porters wear looking glass ties

Tragedia Divina
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Welcome to Tragedia Divina

This is not a rating community. Rather for those who find them to be rather stupid. The purpose of this is to get to know new people on LJ that aren't necesarily as vain and outgoing as the ones that seem to post everywhere. This is for people who have meaning in what they write. The poets, the geeks, the pensive fuckers. The ones who don't use LJ as a means to satisfy emotional needs, but rather as an outlet for creativity.


  • No rascism, homophobia, or other blatant forms of idiocy.
  • Do not post pictures and say something to the effect of "Oh my gawd, I am SO fat/ugly". We know an attention whore when we see one.
  • No one is wrong and no one is right. Everything is a matter of opinion. Deal with it. State your opinion all you want. Just remember that thats all it is.
  • Be yourself. Its the internet for christs sake. Be uninhibited like the rest of the mindless.

You do not have to participate in every post. In fact if you turn out to be a complete hermit, thats fine.


The application is not required. It is merely a point of refrence for other members to get to know a bit about you. They are not to be voted on. You may add pictures if you feel like it, but they're not necesary. Please post the application as a comment under the application post. Otherwise it will be deleted. Applications are not the focus of this community.

Timekiller (occupation):

Triggers vomiting:
Enjoyed audio/visual stimuli:
The love of your life:
One person you'd fuck:
Two people you'd kill:

Personal statement:
Last words:

Beatles or Elvis?: